Monday, April 25, 2011

Overwhelmed by Bunnies and Chicks

I could not believe what I had gotten myself into! These sweet, adorable little confections. Who could resist? Who knew~..........? What a pain in the ass they were. I got the idea from Bakerella's book "Cake Pops". Instead of serving them on a stick I decided to put them in mini cupcake papers. I also decided to use brownies so I could skip the butter cream step. They mush up very nicely and become almost truffle like. I proceed to dip them, messy and time consuming. Then I have to quickly stick in the bunny ears before the candy coating gets hard otherwise it cracks. I learned that the hard way. Then to my horror, the oil used in the brownie recipe starts to seep out from around the ears. Not on all of them though. It seemed to be the ones who's ears got stuck in last. I was dipping five, then putting in ears, dipping five, then putting in ears etc...
The chick were just as much a p.i.t.a.. I had to use tweezers to put on all the feet, beaks and wings. I kept thinking "I am out of my mind".

I never want to do this again, ...until next Easter, hahahahah!