Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is Huge!!

I have never made a full sheet cake before so I was a little concerned about all the details, particularly,what do I put it on and how do I box it?
I purchased a 30"x 24" piece of plywood and some pretty white vinyl tablecloth fabric to cover it with. I also glued some 1" cubes on the bottom to elevate the board so we could get our hands under it in order to lift it. The box was constructed out of assorted cardboard boxes that just happened to be in the house. I knew there was a good reason to save all those boxes. 
The cake was half chocolate and half vanilla with chocolate butter cream frosting. Since this was for a  baby girl shower there are lots of pink flowers. As I have mentioned previously, my writing has a lot to be desired so this is not my proudest moment. The flowers are gorgeous and hopefully that  makes up for my penmanship failure.

I Would Be Delighted

This cake was made for a friend's baby shower. This amazing young woman has a gluten intolerance so would not be able to indulge in her shower cake. Jenn's mother-in-law, also a friend of mine, asked if I could make a special gluten free cake just for her. "I would be delighted" I said! I used a gluten free cake mix which is a perfect size for a 3 layer, 6" cake. The frosting, which is made of butter cream, was dyed to match the colors of paper goods for the party. I also tried to replicate the design of the paper plate . When it comes to writing on cakes, well, I kind of suck. But, I did it anyway because it completed the design. While the writing was not too bad looking, the cake itself was very pretty.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I had the honor of making my mothers 80th birthday cake. There was a cake that I saw on Gesina's blog called  "The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me". I was going to make it for my daughters college graduation party but just did not have the time because of my kitchen remodel. I finally got to try it out for this occasion. I did it a little differently though. I used regular butter cream instead of italian meringue butter cream, I used vanilla extract in place of lemon extract and finally, I used a different color scheme. Blue is my mothers favorite color so I thought I would make different shades of blue. I was surprised when some of my colors were kinda green, then I realized this was because the cake batter was yellow. It was still incredibly pretty, not to mention delicious! Everyone said it was the best cake they ever had! 
The flowers on top are made from blossom fondant. The centers of the flowers are corn syrup with the most amazing sugar sprinkles that I almost didn't buy.
As you can see, I had a hard time squaring it off. I frosted it at my parents house and did not have enough butter cream to make it properly square, but that's okay, we all enjoyed it, especially the birthday girl!