Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Appears to be the favorite

Apparently, I love this recipe. I always seem to be making it with slight variations. Maybe because I always seem to have ripe bananas. This one I made to bring to a friends house for an after dinner treat. Oh yeah, let me mention that this is the Banana Sour Cream Cake that you have seen here before. To boost the flavor this time, I added caramelized bananas to the butter cream filling. MMMMM!
I also added some brown sugar to the cream cheese frosting and to take it over the top, I dripped some caramel frosting on the top making this the sweetest cake I have ever had.
Since it is fall, I wanted to add fall colored butter cream leaves by trying a stripping technique I learned. The leaves were not coming out the way I had envisioned them so I just made swirls.
This is a perfect cake to share with people you love so let me know if you would like me to make one for your next occasion!

Since it is fall and a favorite time of year for me I was inspired to make a fall themed cake. Initially, for a "Project Runway" get together I made some cupcakes out of this recipe. They were so good that I decided to make a cake.
This is a chocolate cinnamon cake with caramel frosting. The frosting is what really put this cake over the top! The cinnamon flavor in the cake was subtle so I may use more cinnamon next time. The leaves featured on the top of the cake were made of fondant and hand painted with gel food coloring and clear vanilla extract.
I brought this cake to a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner that I attended with some friends. Often times, I get nervous that the taste will not live up to expectations so, I was very relieved when everyone who tried it, raved over it.
Let me know if you would like to have this cake for your next celebration!

P.S. I brought some cupcakes to my friends daughter who put it in the microwave for few seconds to warm the frosting. she reported that it was mmmmmgood!
I have been away, I have been busy, I am back!