Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everyone's Favorite Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are my most requested cookie. My mother loves them and so does my mother in law. I very rarely go visit without a box of these. They are so simple and delicious. It's just butter, sugars, flour and salt.

Mine Craft Cake

I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted here. The summer disappeared beneath kitchen construction, the fall whizzed by with vacation and hurricane Sandy.
So hear we are with Christmas breathing down our necks!
One of my recent awesome experiences was making an 11th birthday cake for the grand daughter of a dear friend. The birthday girl wanted a Mine Craft themed cake. I had never heard of Mine Craft so I had to do some research. What I found was pretty fascinating but I was concerned about how I was going to pull this off. Have you seen Mine Craft? It is all rectangular and pixilated with lego shaped characters. I knew this would be hard but I never turn down a challenge. 
The cake was to be an 8" square so I had to learn how to make a perfectly square cake. Have you ever done this? Much harder than I imagined and very time consuming. Once again, I checked out "You Tube" to learn how to do something. I watched an instructional video by "Cup A Dee Cakes". I think I did a decent job of squaring off my cake and next time I will know more about what I am doing.
The top of the cake is covered in fondant, the sides are butter cream and the figures are made from rice krispie's and marshmallow. What do you think?

It may look a bit amateurish but that's okay,
 because I learn as I go.