Monday, August 22, 2011

First and Last (wedding cake)

I finally made a wedding cake. I loved so many aspects of doing it but quite frankly, I will never do it again! I know, "never say never", but as of today that is how I feel. It was so stressful, the worry over every little thing was monumental. 
  The most difficult part was leveling the cake and stacking it. My dowels were so exact because I shaved and sanded the ends to make sure they were all perfectly matched. I used a level when trimming the cake to assure that they were just right. This cake was level.!
  Another problem I had was placing butter cream flowers up the side of the cake. I made them 3 days in advance and left them (in a safe place) out to dry. They were still fragile and I lost quite a few in placement. I made plenty just in case of this. 
  It is August, it is hot and humid. I started the car and ran the A/C to get it cool enough so the cake wouldn't melt in transport. My husband carried the cake down stairs while I was outside, he didn't want me to watch because I would have made him nervous. Than he took it out of the house to soon and I thought I would have a heart attack! He said I acted a little psyhco. Who, me?
We drove to the wedding location, about 20 minutes away, in a freezing cold car. I was wishing for gloves. We live in a rural area, so there were lots of hills and curves along the way. A few flowers fell off the cake, but I was prepared with extra flowers and butter cream. Also a piping bag and spatulas.  

  I can't tell you how relieved I was to have this over with. I have worried since then about the possibility of the flowers falling off before the cake was served, or the cats who were lurking around had a butter cream feast when know one was looking. Most of all, I worry about whether they loved it or not!

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