Monday, January 4, 2010

Julie's Cake

These cakes were a request from someone who I baked for last summer. The first request was for a repeat of the chocolate chocolate chocolate cake from cake weekend. Since it was for a holiday party, I added hand painted fondant poinsettia flowers. The other request was for a white chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting and white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries . Sounds yummy. I searched for a recipe for the cake all over the place and finally found one (cannot remember where). Then to find the frosting recipe..., not so easy. I was not liking the ones I found, too complicated. Then I remembered, The Cake Mix Doctor!!! I found a white chocolate cream cheese frosting that was easy and oh so delicious! Next, the white chocolate ganache. I found one recipe that I had to throw out because I did something wrong and it became lumpy. I was not happy. Then I remembered The Cake Mix Doctor again. And again, it was easy and delicious. The cake looked beautiful! All that white was stunning! I wish I could have taken a photo of the inside with the fresh sliced strawberries layered in between buttercream frosting, mmmmm! The sad part is, that due to bad weather, the party was postponed a week. The people already had the cakes, so I told them to seal the boxes with saran wrap and keep in the frig. It was to be consumed a week later and I do hope it was okay.
P.S. I just heard that the cakes were oaky and delicious too!

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  1. Dear Louann
    Nice cakes have you made.....the appeal is great. Greetings for the new year from Botswana.