Monday, March 29, 2010

Brownie Bunny Eggs

My house smelled like chocolate last night! It was heavenly indeed! I made brownies, a Martha Stewart recipe that is out of this world. I take it a step further and cover them with a dark chocolate glaze. Since these are for Easter, I used an egg shaped cookie cutter and then decorated them with another glaze to give them that Easter egg like look. I took pictures, then quickly packed them up to send to my daughter Jess who will not be home for Easter this year :-(
I do hope they arrive intact.
The cute little characters in the picture are the M&M people that I used to give my girls on every holiday until they finally said "enough mom". I saved them and bring them out for the holidays. They make me smile!


  1. i love these mom... the decoration on them has such pretty colors...

  2. Louann, Love your blog. I happened to see you post on Bakerella about cake crumbs in your chocolate from the cake can first dip them in a "crumb sauce" made from powdered sugar and water, let them dry then dip into the chocolate. That should keep the crumbs out of your chocolate while dipping the balls. Hope this helps.

  3. thanks for the tip NRussell! I will try that!