Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day

So, as I have said before, this was a busy week for me. I made chocolate covered marshmallows, cake bites, cookies and cake! The cakes: two of them were yellow cakes with chocolate butter cream frosting. Love that chocolate butter cream, hmmmmm! The roses are made of vanilla butter cream. I have gotten over my hesitation to make butter cream roses, finally got the hang of it. My writing still has something to be desired, but I am working on it. The 3rd cake was a favorite of mine, chocolate banana sour cream cake with cream cheese frosting. Funny story: the person who asked for this cake requested that it be made with "egg beaters". I said, "sure, I can do that." I go shopping and pick up the "Egg Beaters" come home and tuck the carton into the frig. I proceed with my baking, so pleased with my self because the cakes were beautiful. Later on I am out walking with my husband and he asks how the "egg beater" cake came out and I said "Oh, S---!". I come home in a panic, have to bake another. As you may have deduced, I forgot to use the "egg beaters" and I don't have enough banana. Donald runs out to three local markets, no bananas! Thank God for good neighbors! One phone call and I had my banana and a pleasant visit from the young couple and their adorable baby from up the block. They saved the day. The cake looked great although it did not rise as much as "real" egg cakes. I am waiting to hear how it tasted.


  1. those cakes are beautiful...
    all your flowers look so professional mom...


  2. thank you Kate! you make my day