Friday, March 4, 2011

Baileys Irish Cream Cake

It's time again for the "Wearin' of the Green". It's time to celebrate all things Irish. What could be better than Baileys Irish Cream Cake. I found this recipe on the "Too Many Chefs" website. It sounded delicious and it is delicious!
I made these mini filled cupcakes for my husband to bring to work. They were gone in the blink of the eye. It is a good thing he got them out of the house because I would have been snacking on them all day today. Even now I wish I had stashed a few of them for my own personal enjoyment.


  1. Louann, this looks AMAZING! Now I have to go to lunch! But I wish I had a cupcake instead!


  2. Darling, I just know they are delicious. Baileys Irish cream is good stuff. Love you Mommy