Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I made this cake for a friend's graduation party. It is two layers of vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. My friend asked me to make the buttercream a teal color, as that is her favorite color. Her color requests for the flowers were salmon, yellow and white. I made the flowers out of royal icing in those colors and then hand painted each one to give them some rich detail. This is the biggest cake I have made so far. It was half a sheet cake, and it took up the entire oven. It was also pretty heavy and a little awkward to turn over. "Que Sera Sera", (can't you just hear Doris Day singing? what ever will be will be....) has special meaning to the graduate and she thought it would be nice to have it written on the cake, I thought so too. I am so happy to say that everyone (including me) really liked the cake, especially the graduate and her family.

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