Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tea Time

I made these cookies for my mother's birthday.
My sister decided that she wanted to make the birthday cake so, I graciously allowed her to. She made a German Chocolate Cake which was out of this world!
Back to the cookies. The recipe was my great, great grandmother's which she baked in a wood burning oven. My mother remembers eating these cookies when she was a little girl and she remembers that they were good. Back then I guess they would have been pretty tasty seeing how sweets were a rare treat. I found them to be bland and dry therefore decided they needed some icing. This addition greatly improved the taste and the looks. I had to guess at the time and temp., which I got right on the second try. Why, you may wonder, did I make teapots? Two reasons; #1. I found teapot cookies cutters at N.Y Cake & Baking Distributors and could not resist buying them.
#2. My great, great grandmother called theses cookies "Tea Cakes", so I thought it would be appropriate to use these cookie cutters. My mother was surprised and pleased which made me very happy.

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