Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wear Red (Velvet)

I love Red Velvet cake. I use the McCormick's recipe and it is delicious every time. This time I made cupcakes for someone who wanted a dozen for Valentines Day. I made a 6" cake with the rest of the batter. Damn, I burned the cupcakes! :-(
I have a cupcake pan that I have long suspected of burning cupcakes. I have two pans of different makes. Whenever I make two dozen they turn out different from each other but I could never remember which ones came out of which pan. Now I know for certain who the offending pan is and vow never to use that pan again! (oh, how I hate to throw stuff out that will end up in a landfill)
Anyway, the new batch came out perfect and was scrumptious. (I always sample)

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