Friday, May 13, 2011

Over the Rainbow for the GSA

This is the second time I have made this cake. The first time was for Samantha's 21st birthday. This time I made it for "The First Annual GSA Gala" for the local high school. When I got the invitation for this event, I was immediately planning to make this rainbow cake.
I noted that when I cut open Samantha's cake the seven minute white frosting had disappeared. I think it absorbed into the cake. This time when I made it, I brushed simple syrup on the cake hoping to seal it and prevent the above from occurring again. It worked somewhat. I'd still like to see more white in between the layers. I'll try more icing along with the simple syrup next time.
Then there is the frosting on the top. I tried to mimic what was on the inside but the colors got muddied. I couldn't help but think "Cake Wrecks". But then I added some piped dots and that helped it. I do love how seven minute frosting stays in whatever shape is made; the peaks are fabulous. The cake was delicious and well received.

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