Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strawberries; a great way to kick off the summer, it is coming...

I saw a Martha Stewart recipe for strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting, my mouth began to water. I have been wanting to make a strawberry cake. Since they were on sale and my daughter had a friend visiting from college, the timing was perfect. I had to make a cake for our guest. I decided to make a vanilla cake,(so many tunnels, another story) fill it with strawberries and make strawberry frosting. I wasn't sure how many strawberries to use in the frosting so I guessed about six. I think it was too many because it was a very soft. I added more sugar and it was too sweet and maybe too stiff, so I added a few more strawberries and a dash of lemon( I read that would cut the sweetness some). I suppose I should have followed the recipe. I chopped up some strawberries for the filling, about six, and then gave the inner layers a crumb coat of frosting so the juice did not absorb into the cake. I was concerned about sogginess. The frosting was a little soft so I refrigerated it and it was fine. As you will see in the picture, some of the juice leaked but that did not have any affect on the cake. It was delicious, I had a large piece just to be sure. Then I had a smaller piece for breakfast to make sure it was still good. It was. 
I packed it up for my daughter to take with her when she returned to Philadelphia. Otherwise, I would have had it for lunch too :-)

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