Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is Huge!!

I have never made a full sheet cake before so I was a little concerned about all the details, particularly,what do I put it on and how do I box it?
I purchased a 30"x 24" piece of plywood and some pretty white vinyl tablecloth fabric to cover it with. I also glued some 1" cubes on the bottom to elevate the board so we could get our hands under it in order to lift it. The box was constructed out of assorted cardboard boxes that just happened to be in the house. I knew there was a good reason to save all those boxes. 
The cake was half chocolate and half vanilla with chocolate butter cream frosting. Since this was for a  baby girl shower there are lots of pink flowers. As I have mentioned previously, my writing has a lot to be desired so this is not my proudest moment. The flowers are gorgeous and hopefully that  makes up for my penmanship failure.

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