Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Would Be Delighted

This cake was made for a friend's baby shower. This amazing young woman has a gluten intolerance so would not be able to indulge in her shower cake. Jenn's mother-in-law, also a friend of mine, asked if I could make a special gluten free cake just for her. "I would be delighted" I said! I used a gluten free cake mix which is a perfect size for a 3 layer, 6" cake. The frosting, which is made of butter cream, was dyed to match the colors of paper goods for the party. I also tried to replicate the design of the paper plate . When it comes to writing on cakes, well, I kind of suck. But, I did it anyway because it completed the design. While the writing was not too bad looking, the cake itself was very pretty.

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