Thursday, June 18, 2009

Banana Sour Cream Birthday Cake

Recently I gave out my business cards and was so pleased to receive an order for a birthday cake. After seeing my blog, the client decided she would like to have the Banana Sour Cream Cake with cream cheese frosting. (recipe listed below) Good choice , I thought to myself. She asked that I put walnuts on the side of the cake like the recipe calls for. Daisies were also requested. This was a late request so I didn't have much prep time. I made the flowers the night before out of royal icing. They were not quite dry the next day, so when it was time to put them on the cake I had to be really careful not to break them. There were a few casualties. Not being sure how the walnuts would look with the daisies, I was in a dilemma about whether to put them on or not. My daughter Samantha, wise woman that she is, pointed out that it was my job to give the client what she wanted. So, on went the walnuts (which is another long story), and I sprinkled some among the flowers so it would look cohesive. The Birthday Girl was very pleased, much to my relief.

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