Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun (not) with Fondant

Last week in my Wilton class we learned how to use fondant. It is a lot of work to roll this stuff out, then to get it on the cake smoothly was a challenge. I did manage to get it on there relatively smooth with just a few minor defects. Applying the decorations was also easy, but I tend to not know when to stop. The cake was a 2 layer, 8" square (this time I used square pans as opposed to a rectangle that I cut in half) using a classic white mix, however, I did use whole eggs instead of just the whites. I covered it with a crumb coat of butter cream. I took the finished product to my parents house and received many oohs and ahhs over its appearance. I must admit, it was pretty! But, then we cut into it and tasted. Fondant tastes pretty awful and it was difficult to cut without the fondant coming loose. You can do fabulously creative things with fondant, you've all seen Ace of Cakes, (right?), but I'll take butter cream any day.

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