Monday, June 8, 2009

This cake(pictured below) was the final cake for Wilton II. The frosting is homemade butter cream, the cake is a chocolate devils food mix.The basket weave was not too hard to do, just very time consuming. The flowers, ahhh the flowers; they are made from royal icing, pure sugar and a little water. They were a challenge to make and also very time consuming. Once I got the hang of making them, I had so much fun. I could not stop placing them on the cake, maybe I went a little overboard. It looks like a garden in bloom. I took this cake to church and got rave reviews. No one wanted to cut it, neither did I, but it had to be done. This last image (above)is a photo all that remained.

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  1. that looks really pretty. i like the way you made the flowers. and the colors are really nice. how do you make the 7 minute frosting? could you add the recipe?...