Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cake for New Town

I was planning a trip to visit my daughter Jessica and thought how nice it would be to bring her a cake. Any excuse to decorate a cake! I was going to make her a banana sour cream cake with cream cheese frosting because she missed the last one I made. Usually I use a yellow cake mix for this but, I only had chocolate. I decided to" go wild" and experiment a little and let me tell you, it was incredibly delicious! Superbly fine! A very good decision to use chocolate. As you can see, there are no flowers on this cake. I am sure you are wondering why. You know what? I just loved the way it looked without them. The simplicity of it was so beautiful that the flowers were not missed. Jessica loved the cake and we had a piece with a glass of milk every night before we went to bed. (did a lot of walking so that deleted any calories consumed)

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Louann. Loved looking at your cakes--and imagining their flavors. As I mentioned, I've always wanted to take the Wilton decorating class. After seeing your lovely cakes, I'm going to look into the schedule again.