Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Left Overs

My daughter Samantha asked me to make a Tie Dye cake for her birthday. She posted a link on Facebook for me to see. It looked doable so I did it. It is made from a white cake mix which you divide into small batches which are then tinted with the color of your choice. Once this is done, you ladle it into the cake pan one color on top of another. It spreads out as you add to it. Simple, but time consuming. I made this the same weekend as the lemon cake and the chocolate cake. So, the day after our trip to Pa., we went to NYC to visit Sam for her birthday. The cake was made, it just had to be frosted. I did not have time to make a new batch of butter cream so I had to use the chocolate butter cream from yesterdays cake. There wasn't enough! I just happened to have a half a can of cream cheese frosting in fridge. ( I had an emergency, but don't worry, I would NEVER use that on a cake for you!) So, I put the two frosting's in a piping bag together and finished icing the cake. Pretty as it was, if you know my daughter, it was too plain. That's why I added the orange spikes which were made of left over royal icing from the shower cake. I also added left over flowers which was a last minute thing. Donald was waiting in the car so I didn't take a picture of the flowers. I also didn't get a picture of the inside because I forgot my camera, didn't want to run back in the house again and figured that Sam had her camera. She didn't. BUT, I did however make cupcakes, which I cut open so you could get an idea of how it looked. The inside of the cake was much prettier.

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