Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You asked for CHOCOLATE!

This wonderful cake was made for a friends BBQ. Chocolate was requested so chocolate was made! It was an 8" round chocolate pound cake with chocolate chips, chocolate butter cream frosting with chocolate ganache poured over the top. The flowers are made of royal icing and have been hand painted. This cake was made the same weekend as the lemon cake, along with a cake for my daughter's birthday. You should have seen my kitchen! After we (Donald and I) delivered the bridal shower cake to Warwick, we went to Pennsylvania.( Note to self: never, ever travel on rt. 94 again!) It was such a hot day and I was so worried about the chocolate melting. We kept the A/C on pretty high(which my husband loved) and I was freezing, but the cake didn't melt! You cannot imagine how delicious this was! Really, truly, sinfully good!

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